A Career in Bakery

Are you creative and organised with a good eye for detail? Bakery could be the sweet spot for your career.

Qualified bakers prepare bread products, cakes, cake decoration, biscuits, toppings and fillings. You’ll also learn about food safety, customer service and how to operate and use baking equipment and utensils, as well as professional techniques including how to follow recipes; mix and weigh ingredients; kneading, rolling and shaping dough; and how to prepare items for sale, from icing items to decorating cakes.

How do I train?

Trades training is flexible. You can:

  • Complete a Level 4 certificate
  • Get an apprenticeship

A Level 4 certificate in Trade Baking (Craft) through Skills4Work means you can be a qualified baker in 16 months. This full-time programme includes 165 days of work experience, helping you grow your practical skills in the workplace. You’ll also spend time learning at a training centre. This certificate includes the workplace training you need to be a baker – so you’ll be qualified as soon as you finish the programme.

You can also become a baker by getting an apprenticeship. This route is best suited to those who are already employed in the industry, or who need to work while they study. It takes around three years to become qualified, because you’ll be studying part time while you work. You’ll also need to find an employer who’s willing to support you to get qualified.