Our scholarship numbers are limited, but you can register your interest to get the ball rolling now. Apply for an MPTT scholarship using our online application form.

We’ll then pass your information on to the relevant training provider, and work with them to process your application.

If you’re Māori or Pasifika and aged 16-40, it’s likely you will qualify for one of our scholarships, as long as you’re accepted into your chosen trades course.

Please note you’ll need to have a confirmed place in your trades course before you can be accepted into the MPTT programme. That means if you haven’t already applied for your course, you should do so as soon as possible.

To find out where to apply for your course, visit maoripasifikatrades.co.nz. Select your chosen trade from our website’s navigation menu, then scroll down to the ‘Find a Course’ section. There you’ll find a list of providers with links to the relevant course pages on each training provider website. From there, please follow the instructions to apply for your course.