Māori And Pasifika Trades Training: Auckland

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Trades skills give you choices – both in your career and your life.
You’ll learn practical skills that earn you cash, build your mana, and give you the know-how to
help your whānau and community. Even better, Māori and Pasifika aged 16 to 40 can train for free,
and we’ll help you find work when you’re ready.

You don’t need to be super strong, have a perfect track record, or get top marks at school.
If you want to be a tradie, you can do it – and we’ll help you get there.

You Can Do It

choose a bright future

Want to make good money, help your whānau thrive, or be your own boss one day? At Māori and Pasifika Trades Training (MPTT), we know trades skills can give you the choices you want in life.

And if you’re worried you’re not smart enough, strong enough, confident enough or good enough, don’t be. Trades skills aren’t something you’re born with; they’re something you learn. And with so many different trades jobs out there – from butchery to building – you can choose the one that’s right for you. Check out our videos of well-known faces and people in your community who know you’ve got what it takes.

Show your support by uploading your own video to let your community know why the trades are a great career choice. It’s easy – just shoot your video in landscape (hold your phone sideways) and look directly into the camera as you say your piece. Then upload it here or post it directly to our Facebook page.

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    MPTT’S Role

    How we can help

    MPTT supports Māori and Pasifika to build lasting careers in the trades. You’ll join hundreds of other Māori and Pacific Islanders who are learning a trade, and we’ll work closely with you to help you prepare for working life. When it comes to choosing the right course or finding that first job, we’ve partnered with training and industry organizations so you can go from beginner to qualified as smoothly as possible.


    It can be hard to find the cash for your training. That’s why we’ll pay your
    course fees – no strings attached. Once you’re an apprentice, we’ll also give you $1000 to spend on tools.


    Besides nailing the practical skills, you need personal skills to make it on the job. To help you reach your goals, we’ll set you up with a ‘Navigator’ (mentor) who has knowledge of the industry and of Māori and Pasifika cultures.


    We’ll show you how to land a job with the best employers. When you’re ready, we’ll help you find work and give you a ‘Work Readiness Passport’ that tells employers you’ve got what it takes.

    MPTT Scholarships

    Do you qualify for free fees?

    You might think scholarships are just for flash people – like those who get top marks at school or want to go to university. But many great careers have nothing to do with how academic you are.

    Successful trades people have a great attitude, are good with their hands and enjoy doing practical work as part of a team. Our scholarships are for you if you’re serious about building a career in the trades. You’ll also need to be:

    • Māori or Pasifika
    • Aged 16-40
    • Accepted into your chosen course*

    *For us to pay your fees you’ll first need to get into your course – but we can help you with that too.

    “How would you like to look after your future for the next 30 years?
    Trades training is a fantastic opportunity to do just that.”

    Tony Kemp, former Warriors Coach and NZ League Rep

    Career Options

    Which trade should you choose?

    The right trade for you depends on your interests and personality. To help you choose, we’ve collected information about what each trade involves, how you can learn, and where it could take you.