MPTT trainees must prove they not only know their trade, but also have the personal and worksite skills to add value to your business. They work closely with independent advisors called ‘Navigators’, who understand what employers need and can connect you with the right employee to benefit your bottom line.


We only send our trainees to employers once they’re ready to work. Our Work Readiness Programme ensures your employee ticks all the boxes, from solid trades skills to a good attitude.


We support our trainees even after they’re employed, helping them do their best work at no cost to you. We offer new apprentices $1000 to start their toolkit and ongoing coaching to continually grow their skills.


Employing men and women from varied backgrounds means you benefit from their different perspectives and problem-solving approaches. Plus, you’ll be helping create social change through a more diverse workforce.

Bring in new talent

By employing and training an MPTT trainee, you’re helping them build life-changing skills while growing your business. Register below to find an apprentice or start a conversation with one of our navigators.

Our work experience programme is a good place to start and is a win for both employers and our trainees. It gives our trainees the opportunity to get some experience under their belt and employers the chance to see them in action.

Working with industry

One of our goals at MPTT is to help fill the growing skills gap in the trades industry. That’s why we work closely with employers to understand what they need in an employee, and partner with industry organisations to make sure our trainees have the skills to hit the ground running. That means your MPTT employee will be able to add value to your business from the start.
Getting behind the MPTT initiative also means you’ll be supporting your community and embracing social change. New Zealand’s population is now super diverse. That’s especially true in Auckland, where nearly 50% of the population is Māori, Pasifika or Asian. Having a team that reflects this shows you value your community’s diversity. It can also benefit your business, such as through access to a wider customer base.