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  • About MPTT
  • Learning a trade
  • Pre-Trade courses
  • Work experience
  • Finding a job
  • Apprenticeships
  • For Employers

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About MPTT

  • What is MPTT Auckland?
  • Who can get an MPTT scholarship?
  • What trades can I learn with an MPTT scholarship?
  • How do I apply for an MPTT scholarship?
  • What financial help can I get from MPTT?
  • What other support do I get through MPTT?
  • How is MPTT Auckland different from fees-free and other funding options?
  • What is a Navigator?
  • What is expected of me if I get an MPTT scholarship?

Learning a trade

  • What subjects should I take at school if I want to learn a trade?
  • Is learning a trade just for people who can’t get into university?
  • Am I strong enough to be a tradie?
  • Can women work in the trades?

Pre-Trade courses

  • What is a pre-trade course?
  • Do I have to do a pre-trade course to become a tradesperson?
  • Does a pre-trade course earn me a qualification?
  • What can I do while I’m training to help me get a job later?

Work experience

  • What’s the difference between work experience and a job?
  • Why should I do work experience?
  • How do I find work experience in the trades?

Finding a job

  • Can MPTT help me find a job?
  • Do I need a driver licence to work in the trades?
  • Do I need a CV and cover letter to apply for a job in the trades?
  • What’s a Site Safe card and do I need one?
  • Will I be tested for drugs and alcohol when applying for a trades job?
  • What do employers look for in an employee?
  • What is an employment trial?
  • Do I need to buy tools before I apply for a job?


  • What is an apprenticeship?
  • Why do an apprenticeship?
  • What is an ITO?
  • Does my pre-trades course count towards an apprenticeship?
  • When I graduate, will I get an apprenticeship automatically?
  • How do I find an apprenticeship?
  • How do I know if an employer will give me an apprenticeship?
  • Should I still apply for a job, even if the employer can’t tell me if they’ll give me an apprenticeship?
  • Can I get help with my apprenticeship work?
  • Can I change jobs part-way through my apprenticeship?
  • Do I need to pay my apprenticeship fees at the start of my apprenticeship?
  • How long does an apprenticeship take?
  • Can I take a break from my apprenticeship?
  • What if I get injured?
  • How do I get certified?

For Employers

  • Why should I take on an apprentice?
  • Why hire an MPTT trainee?
  • How can I find an MPTT trainee?