A career in refrigeration and air conditioning

The refrigeration and air conditioning trade is what makes it possible to store and transport perishables like food and medicine. You’ll install and maintain refrigeration and air conditioning systems and enjoy a varied working environment, from shipping containers to apartment buildings.

“You get to do a lot in this trade. You’ll do welding one day, electrical another day, you even do a bit of plumbing. A lot is involved, which is quite cool.” Lucas Rankin

How do I train?

Trades training is flexible. You can:

  • Do a pre-trades programme, then get a job and apprenticeship
  • Get an apprenticeship straight away and study while you work

Many people start with a pre-trades programme at a training institution. This will give you the hands-on experience and theory you need to prepare you for work. If you qualify for one of our scholarships, you can study for free – and we’ll help you find work when you finish.

If you already have experience in the trades or are ready for working life and happy to study while you work, you might look at going straight into an apprenticeship. We can help you make that decision, and we might even know someone who needs an apprentice like you.

“The thing I enjoy most is going to new places in Auckland, and getting to work on new types of air con.”
Avishkar Kissun, Apprentice

How do I fund my training?

There are a few ways to get your fees paid – but they’re not all the same.

Only available to Māori and Pasifika learners, the MPTT scholarship doesn’t just cover your course fees, it gives you the most well-rounded support to get a job in the trades.

Find out how the MPTT scholarship compares to other funding options.