Navigators coach our trainees every step of the way to prepare them for work and help them excel in their chosen trade. Navigators are also independent of training organisations and can help employers find a trustworthy employee.

Industry knowledge

Navigators possess knowledge of the trades industry and know what employers are looking for in an employee.

Cultural understanding

With knowledge of Māori and Pasifika cultures, our Navigators are well placed to understand trainees’ backgrounds and connect with them personally.

Ongoing coaching

Navigators support trainees from when they start their course to after they’re employed, helping them become leaders in their industry.

“When we have done our jobs well we become invisible to the process. The trainee takes responsibility; they get the job, they get the apprenticeship, and we take great pride in who they are and who they are becoming.”
John Kotoisuva, Navigator

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Our Navigators connect employers with the right employee for the job, and guide trainees on their journey into the trades. Get in touch today to see how they can help.