To find out more about the different  funding options available for the trades and which one is best for you, take a look at this table.

The fees-free tertiary training scheme is a government initiative that offers some tertiary training for free, if you meet certain criteria. MPTT Auckland is a scholarship for Māori and Pasifika aged 16-40, which helps you get into the trades industry and build the work and life skills you need to succeed.

If you choose to study under MPTT, we’ll pay your course fees just like the fees-free programme would. The difference is, we’ll also give you one-on-one mentoring to help you stay on track, and even help you find work in your chosen trade. With MPTT, you’ll have support right through your training, and beyond. Plus, you’ll join the wider whānau of MPTT recipients and meet other Māori and Pasifika trainees who are building their careers in the trades industry.

Unlike the fees-free programme, you can get an MPTT scholarship even if you’ve done tertiary training before.