A career in hospitality

Top-notch customer service is important in the hospitality industry, so great communication and people skills are key. A career in hospitality might mean becoming a chef, bartender or barista, or working in hotels or restaurants.

“I’m one of seven siblings and I was always the family cook. Every time we had get-togethers I’d try to make fancy dinners out of corned beef, chicken backs, chop suey and taro!” Fou Fale, Certificate in Cookery

How do I train?

Trades training is flexible. You can:

  • Do a pre-trades programme, then get a job and apprenticeship
  • Get an apprenticeship straight away and study while you work

Many people start with a pre-trades programme at a training institution. This will give you the hands-on experience and theory you need to prepare you for work. If you qualify for one of our scholarships, you can study for free – and we’ll help you find work when you finish.

If you already have experience in the trades or are ready for working life and happy to study while you work, you might look at going straight into an apprenticeship. We can help you make that decision, and we might even know someone who needs an apprentice like you.