Jerome Ramsay started out as a labourer, before deciding to get more skills under his belt through a trades qualification.

With help from MPTT Navigators, Jerome made contacts in the construction industry and found an apprenticeship. His hard work is paying off. Last year, Jerome was awarded the Carpentry Student of the Year award and is well on his way to being qualified.

“It’s a snowball effect – once you’re in a good place where you’re showing up to work every day, it boosts your confidence.”

Jerome Ramsay has made some big life changes to build his future in the trades. He shares his story in this video.


Video Transcript:
Jerome: I was labouring here and there and I never really thought about getting a qualification under my belt. I decided if I really wanted to make it in life, there were a few bad habits I had to kick. A few skills I had to learn.

A key moment was enrolling in Unitec, I didn’t know what was in store for me. It was a wonderful experience for me. I wouldn’t change it for the world.
I got the 2016 Carpentry Student of the Year Award, which was a big honour for me, I worked hard for it. I turned up on site early, always packing up gear.

They gave us a directional pathway and did a lot of networking for me, I got to meet a lot of good contacts in the construction industry. In terms of employment it gave me a really good head start.

I’m a registered apprentice, so I am getting my practical out of the way. I hopefully will be qualified within a couple of years. I work for Ingrown Construction, a small company but they are very thorough. Rick is a good fellow, he likes his work done fast and proper.

Rick (Employer): I think the first day I met him (Jerome), I said, “We start at 7am.” He said, “That’s brilliant, I’ll beat you hear every day”.
Its good. Jerome’s keen to learn, keen to know, that’s all you need really, the want, the drive.

Jerome: In terms of employment, (you need) the right attitude when approaching work. Things like work readiness, they’re just small but necessary steps.

You have to be drug-free. You can’t turn up to site hungover from the night before, it’s not a very professional outlook. You know you have to be functional onsite.

It’s like a snow-ball effect. Once you’re in a good place where you’re showing up to work every day, it boosts your confidence and you really want to get stuck in and become more dedicated than you were before.

Unitec and Māori and Pasifika Trades Training provided me the skills and resources for me to achieve throughout my academic studies.

You’ve got to want it, that’s the only way to succeed, you either want it or you don’t.
I’m out there every day, doing what I do.