Welcome to the whānau

Group shot
Our most recent intake of MPTT trainees from Unitec, MIT and NZMA were welcomed to the whānau at our ‘Whanaungatanga* Days’ in August and September. These events, led by the Industry Training Organisation for each trade, were a good chance for trainees to meet each other and get to know the MPTT team as well.

Trainees from the second semester of 2017 learned about the support and opportunities MPTT can offer on their journey to becoming fully qualified tradespeople and proud members of the community.

The trainees were all presented with their scholarships and listened to speakers talk about work readiness, how to succeed in the industry and the growing demand for women in the trades.

A trainee from MIT said one highlight was the ‘site visit’, where trainees got to experience what it’s like on the job.

“Having a third-year apprentice train the new guy gives me confidence that I have someone who understands where I’ve been.”

* Whanaungtanga means relationship, kinship, a sense of belonging and of connection through shared experiences.

Competenz and MITO Whanaungatanga Day
Wednesday 16 August

Following a welcome and the awarding of scholarships, our trainees went their separate ways. Welding and Fabrication trainees visited Metal Skills in East Tamaki where they got a good insight into what their futures could look like. They were accompanied by MPTT navigators Tu Nu’uali’itia and Travis Fenton from Oceania Careers Academy as well as Reg Currin from Competenz.

Refrigeration and Aircon trainees visited White Refrigeration in Grey Lynn and were accompanied by Rangi Williams from Competenz. Rangi shared some of the trainees feedback:

‘I like the small sized company as it feels closer and the work seems exciting.’

‘This site visit helped me make up my mind that this is what I want to do.’

‘Steve said there are 2 apprenticeships available at the end of the year. This makes me want to work harder for a spot.’

The automotive trainees remained at MIT where they learned about their future as automotive apprentices. MITO’s Brian Messer and Mark Lawrence said they had a lot of great conversations with the trainees.

Welding and Fabrication trainees were pretty impressed with the equipment at Metal Skills.
Feels good.
A quick demonstration for Welding and Fabrication students. Great to see some wahine coming through.
Navigator, Tu listening with a couple of the Welding and Fabrication students
Collecting some swag – MPTT shirts for all trainees
Skills Whanaungatanga Day
Wednesday 30 August. Electrical, and Plumbing & Gasfitting

Trainees visited Skills at their offices in Highbrook, East Tamaki. They heard from industry speakers including Ruana Letalu from Ara – Auckland Airport Skills and Job Hub and Issac Liava’a, the National Pasifika manager from Skills.

Matt Matamu, an account manager at Skills also spoke to them about what to expect as an apprentice in the Electrical, Plumbing & Gasfitting trades. Tu and Travis, who are MPTT Navigators from OCA introduced themselves to the trainees and spoke about the role of the navigator. Students enjoyed the visit saying that it had a real cultural feel and that it was nice to see lots of brown faces. Thanks MPTT.

It was neat to meet other MPTT students from Electrical & Plumbing, those guys were a crack-up

Skills Organisation
Electrical and Plumbing Recipients at Skills Whanaungatanga Day
Skills gets the thumbs up from Joeli Davis
Travis Fenton
Travis Fenton getting to know the trainees
MPTT navigator, Travis Fenton awards Electrical Trainee Taumua Belford his scholarship
Scholarship recipient
Mikayla Pinn receives her scholarship
Scholarship recipient
MPTT Manu Whakahaera, Sam Sefuiva congratulates an MIT trainee on his scholarship
Group shot
MPTT electrical and plumbing trainees for 2017 Semester 2 intake
Women in trades
Girl power. There are 7 females in this intake, all of them studying electrical. Join the movement

Bright futures

Future in the trades
What’s in the bag. Finding out about their futures in the trades
Electrical trainees getting to know each other
Kai time
MIT trainees enjoy some kai
Wednesday 6 September. Building and Construction

The Great BCITO Bus Tour took Building and Construction trainees out to Hobsonville Point, where they visited a large building site managed by Complete Build. Trainees were accompanied by Hayden Toomer from BCITO as well as Murray Conroy, Shirley Murray and Ana Cullen, the navigators from the Solomon Group.

The bus tour stopped at Sustainable Coastlines where everyone enjoyed kai cooked up by BCITO’s Richard Mason. Comments from some of the students included;

If I had a car, I’d get a job on a site like that, it’s so massive, heaps of work

Gonna tap BCITO for an apprenticeship!

Thanks for the bag BCITO got ya number

Getting to know each other
Aleni Ropati and Michael Holani on the Great BCITO Bus Tour
Inspiring projects
Lots of interest from Tauira in the block plans and models of the development
Hayden Toomer BCITO adds his expert advice. Hunia Rangi from Complete Build to the right and navigator Shirley Murray to the left
The boys from Hunterville
Two 19 year olds from Hunterville spoke of their experience as apprentices
Richard Mason
Thanks to Richard for his tireless efforts for MPTT. Making bacon.
Kai Time
Nothing like some kai to put a smile on faces
Women in Trades
Women in trades are highly sought after. Heather and Sarah have great prospects ahead of them
Building and Construction Apprentices
Building and Construction trainees Issac Nye and Mobeen Saheb
Building and Construction Apprentices
Networking time. Joe Seumanutafa, Jay Wairepo and Mayor Rubena get to know each other
Group shot
BCITO Whanaungatanga Group. What a great day
Working it
Thomas Inamata looking pretty pleased to be awarded his scholarship
Scholarship recipients
MPTT Ambassador, Sam Sefuiva congratulates Joe Seumanutafa on receiving his scholarship
Scholarship Recipient
Result for MPTT trainee Whareumu Karaka

Navigator, Shirley Murray shared her comments on the day:
All the speakers were very informative and well worth listening to. Two of the speakers who presented to our tauira were both aged 19yrs and on apprenticeships. They both came from a small place called Hunterville. They went on to describe how it was for them coming to the big city of Auckland, they touched on things like being homesick, and how they overcame it, also fitness and the need for it to be successful on the job, how they were supported on site by the BCITO’s and their mentors.

One of the speakers also spoke about women in the trades. He said that women are a sort after commodity but unfortunately they don’t seem to be coming through fast enough. The percentage of women engaging in construction needs to be encouraged as it has been recognised in the trade that women make excellent Project Managers. This is an area where women excel because of their ability to multi task in the first instance. This work is more strategic than physical and they cope better with paper and planning in general. A very good career prospect for the right women in Hi Vis.

Wednesday 23 August. Consumer Services

Consumer Services Trainees and tutors visited the Toi-ohomai Institute of Technology in Rotorua where they stayed at the Marae overnight. They stopped in Hamilton on the way, where the Horticulture students explored the Botanical Gardens. Later, the hospitality students had the opportunity to cook and serve dinner for their group.

Caroline Harris from ServiceIQ accompanied the group along with one of their apprentices who shared their experiences with the trainees. Feedback from the trainees showed they came back inspired and were keen to do it all again:

Awesome, we need more whanaungatanga with other MPTT students

I made new friends, the tutors were great and participated in activities – we want another one of these events

Food was the best – can’t beat home-cooked kai and thanks for the lunch packs

Thank you MPTT you’re the best!

Talofa lava MPTT, can we organise the next whanaungatanga event?

Thanks to all those who gave up their time and resources to help make these days happen.